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The Reality of Lucid Dreaming!

Many people have heard of lucid dreaming and wonders how does it really work! Other people have heard of it only from third party account of a friend of a friend. Most people will never really experience the true meaning of lucid dreaming since not very many people have ever met anybody or at least any friends with the gift of lucid dreaming. From what we actually know, lucid dreaming can be mastered to a point of really controlling your dreams, give them a purpose and make them do whatever desire you so wish to accomplish. A person who has truly mastered the art of lucid dreaming can go to bed with a full script of what he wants to do during his many hours of sleep then make it so. Such fantasy like dreaming may not seem realistic to some but but can only be understood only after the new interested party have experience some fantasy dreaming of his own.

We all have had fantasies in real life that have somehow materialized into our dreams at one point in time so much that we were so touch by such an experience to the point of trying to relive it again and again. But after many trials and efforts without being able to relive the same good experience we just give up and thought that maybe it wasn’t possible. Lucid dreaming is actually about being able to experience or relive whatever you want in a dreamlike state as if being somehow awake and somehow sleeping.

Experts have tried to explain the mechanic of lucid dreaming in so many books. In a lucid dream you are aware that you are dreaming contrary to going to bed and having a dream that you may or may not remember the next day. All of a sudden you realize that there are more possibilities than meet the eyes and you can potentially control your dreams. To this day there are still some debate as to whether lucid dreaming is real and can be controlled or is it just another debate that nobody will be winning anytime soon.

How to Solve Your Problems Through Lucid Dreamings by Conrad Raw

Lucid dreaming is one method of solving difficult problems you have during the waking hours. Since your mind isn’t focusing on other tasks as you sleep, like sensory input, it allows it to be far more creative. If you’ve ever forgotten a name, a date or even something important you wanted to tell someone and simply decided to quit stressing and allow it to simply come to you, you’ll understand how lucid dreaming works. You relax your thoughts and the solutions find you rather than the other way around.

Scientists, artists and novelists often find important information in lucid dreams. In order to use the information found in lucid dreaming the first challenge, however, is to conquer dream recall. Dream recall is simply the ability to remember your dreams. Often, people awakened in the middle of a dream remember the dream for a few seconds and then the memory disappears as they shake off the grogginess of sleep. For those practicing dream recall, a journal and pen by the bedside is mandatory. Even if you have only fragments of dream memory, it’s still a place to begin.

Once the dreamer accomplishes dream recall, or at least partially conquers it, the next process is lucid dreaming. In lucid dreaming, you’re aware of that you’re in a dream. For those that want to solve a problem, taking lucid dreaming one step farther might be necessary. The next step, dream control, allows the dreamers to put themselves into the situation where they can solve the problem they have in their waking hours. Sometimes this is not necessary as the dreamer sees the solution in the dream without any additional input.

Sometimes artists find that lucid dreams bring them bonuses they weren’t expecting. Paul McCartney of the Beatles found the tune for the song “Yesterday” in a lucid dream. He said he heard the tune played by a string ensemble in a dream and awoke with the tune still in his head. He sat at the piano and reproduced the tune. While he loved it, he didn’t think he actually wrote it because it came to him in a dream and was nothing like his previous tunes.

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What is Lucid Dreaming Like?

What is lucid dreaming like? Well it’s not about going to sleep and live out your wildest fantasies as if you magically turn into Superman and flying high over New York or Wonder-woman stopping bullets with an ironclad wrist. You can eventually be all that you can be in your dreams but its not as easy as it sounds. It takes practice and dedication and learning.

There are several kinds of dreaming and one of the strangest yet most exciting ones is lucid dreaming. So, what is lucid dreaming? Most of the time, we are not familiar with the settings and people involved in our dreams. We feel like we are in a strange place and interacting with people whom we may or may not recognize. More often than not, we cannot control the events. Everything merely happens by itself. When it comes to lucid dreaming you would feel really strange because you can control the flow and the happenings. You can become like a director of a movie.

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If you are a beginner interested in lucid dreaming, what better way to start than having a good foothold on the subject.

The Beginner’s Guide to the Real Secret of What is Lucid Dreaming

Did you know that lucid dreaming isn’t what you might think it is? You may have heard about it at school or from friends or even stumbled upon it on the Internet. Someone might have even told you it’s a supernatural dream and you shouldn’t be messing with it. After a few misconceptions are cleared up, you might just find yourself wanting to have a lucid dream.

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Lucid Dreaming Made Easy

Does lucid dreaming work?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a lucid dream, to be aware you are dreaming and control what happens? Of course you do, but how does one learn to do this?

It’s important to think about why you’d like to become a lucid dreamer, too. There are a number of benefits to dreaming this way, but first we should look at normal sleep, so we’ll understand them.

How is lucid dreaming different? Have you ever considered the process of sleep before? Every night you make preparations, crawl into bed and go to sleep. You may have dreams or nightmares or all may just be dark for a few hours, it is rather boring isn’t it?

The only advantage is that you refresh yourself enough so as to live out the day after. But have you ever though how it would be if you could control that span of time?

What if there was a way to become a full participant in your dreams? Lead them in the manner in which you alone determine consciously? That my friend is basically what a lucid dreamer does. They control all aspects of their dreams, going where they will and doing whatever they want in the confines of the dream state. Does lucid dreaming work?

Find out about the question that everyone is asking, Does lucid dreaming work? by Beth Huliz

Does lucid dreaming work (The NovaDreamer):

The NovaDreamer is probably the most famous of all lucid dream machines, created by Dr Stephen LaBerge and his team at The Lucidity Institute. The original mask was discontinued in 2004, although a new model, The NovaDreamer II is due for release in the near future.

How It Works

The NovaDreamer works by detecting Rapid Eye Movement (REM) while you are asleep. When this happens, it means you are in a dream state. The mask then flashes a series of lights through your closed eyelids; a stimulus which becomes incorporated into your dream. You may see an ambulance appear with red flashing lights, or your whole dreamscape lights up inexplicably. One customer said: “I see a beautiful pattern of gold and yellow diamonds that fills my field of vision…” This is your cue to recognize that you are dreaming and become lucid.

This method works well when you are comfortable with reality checks, stimulating your conscious brain in the dream and giving you a clear signal that something is amiss. Therefore, lucid dream masks like the NovaDreamer offer an artificial lucidity trigger to increase your chances.

Does lucid dreaming work, get more info by Rebecca Turner

Lucid Dreaming Made Easy

Lucid dream definition – What it really means!

Lucid Dreaming is the conscious perception of one’s state while dreaming, resulting in a much clearer experience and can be as if the dreamer were awake, even sometimes enabling direct control over the content of the dream, a realistic world that is to some degree in the control of the dreamer. The complete experience from start to finish is called a lucid dream. Stephen LaBerge, a popular author and experimenter on the subject, has defined it as “dreaming while knowing that you are dreaming.” In a nutshell is the lucid dream definition.

The validity of lucid dreaming as a scientifically verified phenomenon is well-established. Researchers such as Allan Hobson with his neurophysiological approach to dreaming have helped to push the understanding of lucid dreaming into a less speculative realm.

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You may have already experienced it once or twice without consciously wanting to enter this state and now you’d like to know the best way to have a lucid dream regularly or at will. Well the great news is that due to the fact it is a natural method it could be readily repeated and it is possible to discover the way to do it regularly or at will.

Some people appear to be born together with the capability to either wake up within a lucid dream state and consciously participate in the dream or they could have the ability to rapidly and readily enter a lucid dream state at will.

Even so for many individuals it’ll take some time and conscious work on developing this ability. And though it is important to become aware that you’ll find quite a few distinctive techniques which you can understand the best way to have a lucid dream, most of them all come down to following these three basic actions in one form or another. Lucid dream definition

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Lucid Dreaming Made Easy

How to do lucid dreaming – T‌hink of fun things during the day!

Have you ever had the strange experience of being consciously awake when you had the funny feeling of being in a dream then you come back to life and wonder, was I dreaming? Bits and piece of dreamlike memory begins to surface in your mind then you realize that you were dreaming. Well that is the stuff that lucid dreaming is made of. How to do lucid dreaming is a trained technique of falling sleep while having enough control to shape your dream and make them do whatever you want. Well it will not be something that you can do easily the first time you try! Then again there is what we call beginner’s luck. Only by trying that you will finally get to know what lucid dreaming is about.

Of course it is not something that you can do easily and at a moment’s notice. True that it is somewhat easier for some people but in general it does take some time and dedication before you can fully grasp the concept and make it happen. Your dreams are shaped by the daily activities that you go through within a given day. The subconscious mind have a way of re-producing part of your daily life in your dreams. If you had a fantastic day filled with fun and joyous things then most likely your dreams will be pleasant and conversely if you had a rotten day filled with anger, anxiety and pain then your dreams may shape up to be unpleasant if not nightmarish to say the least.

Lucid Dreaming Made Easy

Remember to fill your daily activities with fun things and keep your emotions under control so that if you start to get angry or unhappy quickly find some fun things to turn that around fast. Do some reading on things that you enjoy, pleasant stories that put a smile on your face. How to do lucid dreaming is to set yourself up so that the pleasant experiences of the day becomes the fun and lucid dreams of the night. With practice you will become an expert at controlling your dreams and turn them into what you want. As you get better at it, you will want to learn more and find some more advanced techniques that will teach you things about yourself and about how dreams work and at that point will you be in a better position to reach an advanced level to experience lucid dreaming to the fullest.

The Basics of Lucid Dreaming Techniques

Many people who are new to lucid dreaming get so excited that they don’t even take the time to learn about it properly before embarking on advanced techniques proposed by experienced people who have been experimenting with lucid dreaming for a while. Don’t forget that before you can learn to walk, you have to take the time to learn to crawl then take baby steps to finally walk on your own two feet. To make it simple if you are having a dream and you can control the event happening in that dream then most likely you are having a lucid dreaming experience. Learning the basics of lucid dreaming techniques will help you to gain more insights on the subject and make the experience so much fun and interesting.

First of all, you may find all the info on the subject a bit complicated in the beginning but as you dive deeper into the topic, you will notice that a lot of it has to do on how you sleep, what time you go to bed, how long you stay sleep and the soundness of your sleep. Experience lucid dreamers are known to having a pad of paper and a pen by their bedside because they are constantly taking note and writing down patterns etc. According to people who have been studying the subject, lucid dream happens during REM sleep, in other words, it is the sleep cycle you go through just before you wake up. Ones of the basics of lucid dreaming techniques for some people is to wake up a few hours earlier than you would normally do, stay awake for an hour then fall back to sleep. At that point the brain should be able to go rapidly into REM sleep and you will likely be lucid through your dreams at that point.

I suppose that the techniques mentioned above is not for everybody. If you are a shift worker for instance, you may not have enough sleep time let alone waking up early and try to get some lucid dreams. On the other hand if you go to bed at the same time every night and don’t have any problem falling and staying sleep then the basics of lucid dreaming techniques here may possibly work for you. Always make sure to have a pen and paper ready to write down every dreams that you have on any given night so that you are passing a message to your brain and subconscious mind to remember and play back to you all the dreams that you had the night before. There are other techniques that lucid dreaming enthusiasts have used and some of them have worked fine to help settling down the mind and help you to relax. There are much talks about binaural beats and isochronic tone that can put you in the right frame of mind in order to easy fall into a lucid dreaming world.

Lucid Dreaming Made Easy

Don’t be afraid to experiment on different things and techniques until you find what works for you. Everybody is different and needs to do things differently. If you have been trying to have some lucid dreams and haven’t been able to, then the time when you least expect it you will have the most lucid dreaming experience beyond your wildest dream and imagination. Happy dreams!

Is lucid dreaming dangerous – The question that many are asking!

Many people who are newly introduced to lucid dreaming will show great interest due to the fact that it is something new to them that they can easily explore in their own way and get the most out of it, so they think!. We can safely say that it is something that they can try and comfortably experience in their own right provided they have some basic knowledge on how to make it work. While the notion of trying something new is exciting and fun and some people are even saying that they can’t wait to fall sleep so that they can experience that new lucid dreaming thing. This so called new phenomenon was observed in ancient times by the Greek philosopher Aristotle and a few psychiatrists have spent time exploring the subject at length. For the people asking is lucid dreaming dangerous? We’ll say that it is no more scary than having a bad dream and remembering that dream the next morning.

Why would someone be interested in a state where you are half awake and half dreaming anyway? It may be due to the fact that we always wanted to have dreams that we can control. Who wouldn’t want to see himself or herself as King Henry VIII of England or Queen Elizabeth II? Well if you can’t be or do all you want in real life what better way to do it as in a trance like way such as in a lucid dream where you can act up and remember your dreams vividly every time as if watching a movie!. Is lucid dreaming dangerous in a way that you can remember all the good, the bad and the ugly whereas you would not in a normal dream-state?  We’ll get to that in a second.

Our subconscious mind will prevent us from remembering the things that can hurt us. Some dreams turn into nightmares that we completely forget the next morning. We all can remember hearing a friend talking in their dream then later on he/she will start crying and sobbing. The next morning when you would remind the friend about it and ask if he/she was having a bad dream and he/she would have no memory whatsoever of any bad dreams or nightmares the night before. What about people who have recurring dreams! It could be a pleasant dream; then again what if you saw yourself falling from the twelfth floor of a building? That would be some nightmarish dream in anyone’s book.

Lucid Dreaming Made Easy

If you are skilled enough, rather when you become skilled enough to the point where you can control your lucid dreams to a level of doing only things that you fancy then one day you jump to level 29 where you are not fully ready and no longer lucid dreaming and the dream world start turning upside down and you lose control. You can hopefully press a button that will slowly take you back into a state of quasi lucid dreamland where you are again comfortable and in control! Is lucid dreaming dangerous at that point where you temporarily lost control? Most inquisitive minds would want to go back to that stage of the dream and find out what happened and how they can navigate through that window the next time. Until such time that we master lucid dreaming to such a level, we’ll have to keep trying while having many nice dreams and hope to have a few lucid ones from time to time.


How To Lucid Dream Instantly – After you’ve gone go bed!

Lucid dreaming allows you to remain conscious while you dream. This mental state is unusual but you can train yourself to achieve it easily. Lucid dreaming has characteristics of being asleep and of being awake. Specific regions of the brain become activated during lucid dreams and allow you to remain in control while you dream.

You can teach yourself how to lucid dream instantly. All you have to do is start writing about our dreams in a diary. Whenever you wake up and remember a dream, write down as many details as possible in your dream diary. You should write what you remember even when you wake up in the middle of the night since you will have forgotten most of the dream by the end of the night.

You might not be able to remember many details at first but remembering your dreams will eventually become easier. The process of writing down your dreams will make you more aware of your dreams since your subconscious will be preoccupied by the need to remember details. You can learn how to lucid dream instantly once you get used to remembering your dreams.

You can have lucid dreams during the REM stage of your sleep. REM sleep usually occurs toward the morning hours and represent only between 90 and 120 minutes of a night’s sleep. Set an alarm o’clock to wake up 4 1/2 hours or 7 1/2 hours after you fall asleep. You will stay awake for a few minutes before quickly going back to sleep and entering the REM stage. Before going back to sleep, focus on the idea that you will be aware that you are dreaming. It might take some practice before you have lucid dreams but focusing on this idea should be enough to induce lucid dreams. Being aware that you are dreaming is not enough to allow you to fully control your dreams.

Lucid Dreaming Made Easy

Your subconscious will not allow you to do illogical things such as flying until you become fully aware that the dream is not real. You can convince yourself that what you are experiencing is not real by looking at your hands, a clock or a book. Reading characters and numbers in dreams is almost impossible and your hands will look strange. This quick reality check will give you full control over your dreams.

You can start experimenting now that you know how to lucid dream instantly. Keep in mind that having lucid dreams whenever you want to takes practice.

Is Lucid Dreaming Safe – What You Should Know!

is lucid dreaming safeIs Lucid dreaming safe? The question that many people ask!

Is lucid dreaming safe? This is a question that most people who are new to it ask. But, even before questioning its safety, one should know what lucid dreaming is and what it is all about.

Lucid dreaming is a state in which one is fully aware that he or she is dreaming and is able to direct the events in the dream. This means that one has a bigger window of opportunity to have an extraordinary experience that may necessarily not be part of everyday life. Lucid dreaming is a state in which many people have managed to develop a better life both when awake and when sleeping. With this state of dreaming you can be able to experiment with various behaviors, have wonderful fulfilling sex with that person you desire, deal with your fears and nightmares, and even learn a few things about your waking life.

Can it be done by anyone?

With the right motivation and training techniques, anyone at the right age, regardless of gender, can learn lucid dreaming. The process will take about 2 fortnights for one to be able to practice this state of dreaming. It can be taught to children using the right motivation. Those who get to learn and practice lucid dreaming at such an age have an easier time engaging with their dreams. Lucid dream is meant to give you a better sleeping experience not depraving you of your dreams. You will have rapid eye and body movement, a fluctuating pulse, and dreams all of which are healthy events associated with sleeping.

Is lucid dreaming safe – Are there any associated limitations?

This is a good question that bares a weight similar to that of “is lucid dreaming safe?” While some people have not reservations when it comes to dreams, there is a number of people who dread sleeping because of nightmares. Such fears are the limitations that will be in play when trying to practice lucid dreaming. With the proper motivation, one is able to overcome such fears and when they start lucid dreaming they are able to face their nightmares and other inner fears that they did not know were there. Basically, you are the only possible limitation to your own ability to lucid dream.

Lucid Dreaming Made Easy

On the same subject of limitations, lucid dreaming is not meant to complicate your life be it when sleeping or when you are awake. Although it may have a greater impression on your conscious state, lucid dreaming will not prolong your conscious life time; instead it complements both your sleeping and waking life experiences at much more extraordinary levels.

Is lucid dreaming safe – Does one wake up tired?

Well, this is a question that will need a simple thought and evaluation of your sleeping experience especially when you dream. Fact is you never wake up tired when you have had a night of dreams. You mind was very active yet your body was in a somewhat paralyzed state. Lucid dreaming will not have any impact on the state of your brain when you are dreaming. The feeling you have in the morning tend to be associated with the dreams you have. If you have stressful dreams you will feel stressed out in the morning. Lucid dreaming is meant to address such issues, giving you the ability to change the course of the dream to a positive and productive path.

So, is lucid dreaming safe? The answer is yes; if you want to experience a huge change in your sleeping and waking life, then learn how to lucid dream.

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